What are the benefits of joining Rugby Riding Club?

The main benefit is reduced entry fees on all shows held at Rugby Riding Club.  Members also have reduced fees for any training clinics held at the club.  


By applying for affiliated membership, you will be affiliated with the British Riding Clubs.  You will be eligible to compete for Rugby Riding Club at Area events, where you could compete against other Riding Clubs from all around the country.


What will you receive when you become a member?

If you apply for affiliated membership, you will receive a membership card from the British Riding Clubs.  You will also receive a magazine from the British Riding Clubs.  


What types of Membership are there?

Rugby Riding Club offers two levels of membership; Affiliated and Social.  If you wish to ride for the club at Area events, you will need to become an Affiliated member.  You can join as a Junior Affiliated member for £35.50 or a Senior Affiliated member for £38.50.


We do have an early bird offer on Membership, where you can benefit from reduced prices if you apply for your Membership before 1st April of that year.


To receive more information on types of membership and membership fees, please e-mail







Membership Forms

Please make sure your contact details are up to date.


Click on the links below to Download a Membership Form:


Download Affiliated Membership Form


Download Social Membership Form